Many companies are not always simply after their 3D selfie as statues but are looking to use the incredibly high quality scan data for avatars for many things like games and apps!

But this is not just for corporates, anyone can purchase their 3D selfie data and pop your 3D self-online or in your favorite game!

What is an Avatar?

You may have seen James Cameron's movie "Avatar". Perhaps you saw avatars in chat forums or read about avatars on the web. But what is an avatar on? Avatar is a virtual character that you create online in 3D. It's you - the way you are or the way you want to be. You can meet, chat, play, and connect with real people from all over the world by using your customized 3D avatar. It's fun, exciting, and cool!

Our first rate Z-Brush staff can alter your scan to give you that perfect minds eye version of yourself as your avatar, your head on the body of a greek god, how about wings, horns, you think it we can make it reality.

Get ahead of the curve. Facebook announced recently they are adding virtual reality to facebook, allowing all facebook users to add a virtual reality 3D Avatar to your page.  Be the first to do it the right way.  And at Ultimate 3D Selfie Store we can make it a true reality