The company is now taking orders for its safety enclosure and HEPA filtration system, which provides maximum protection when printing with exotic materials.

ODESSA, FL – November 13, 2018 – A perfect storm is coming to 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and Ultimate 3D Printing Store is cresting the wave with industry juggernauts Ultimaker and Owens Corning.

As of November 13, Ultimaker is launching a new print core, CC Red 0.6, which will allow its flagship 3D printer, the Ultimaker S5, to begin printing Owens Corning’s exclusive XSTRAND filament.

U3DPS was one of the first U.S. resellers of Owens Corning’s XSTRAND, an engineering-grade material combined with filament for 3D printing, which can be used in any environment without breaking down or falling apart.

And now Ultimate 3D Printing Store, a recognized leader in 3D printing technology, is taking orders on its exclusive 3Domus (3DFS) safety enclosure with optional activated carbon and HEPA filtration system.

This first-of-its-kind enclosure, manufactured at U3DPS’s warehouse in Odessa, Florida, was designed specifically to be compatible with the Ultimaker S5, to allow users to print exotic filaments like XSTRAND without fear of damaging their machines or contaminating their work space.

“Ultimaker is rightly regarded as making the world’s best FFF 3D printers. And Owens Corning has created a filament that will revolutionize 3D additive manufacturing,” said Roy Kirchner, founder and president of Ultimate 3D Printing Store. “Now, our company is debuting the first, and only, safety enclosure for the Ultimaker S5, which we believe not only completes this luxury machine but allows XSTRAND to print to its fullest capacity.”

Ultimate 3D printing Store’s safety enclosure also is compatible with the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended, Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended, he said.

Because none  of  the  Ultimaker  series  3D  printers  currently  come  with  a factory-built  enclosure, Kirchner said his company was inspired to create an add-on that was both aesthetically pleasing and safety-conscious.

“Anyone  who  works  with  one  of  these  high-end printers,  especially  in  an  enclosed  environment,  should  have  this  enclosure,  not  only  to  protect  their  machine  from  outside  contaminants and  to  maintain internal thermal management,  but  also  to  keep  their  work  environment  free  of  fumes  during  the  printing  process,” he said.  

“Our clear enclosure fits over your Ultimaker printer like a glove, forming a seal, while still allowing full view of the printing process.”

U3DPS’s safety enclosure is available with or without the activated carbon and HEPA filtration system, allowing users to purchase exactly what they want and need to stay within budget. Each safety enclosure comes pre-drilled to allow the 3DFS activated carbon and HEPA filtration system to easily be attached.

Best of all, Ultimate 3D Printing Store’s safety enclosure is priced affordably. The enclosure without filtration system costs between $379 and $179, while the enclosure with filtration system included is available from $499 (Ultimaker S5) down to $299 (Ultimaker 2+), depending on the series machine.

The activated carbon and HEPA filtration system also can be purchased separately for $129 with replacement filters available for $29 each.

Kirchner said his company expects its initial production run to sell out quickly. Currently, there are a limited quantity of enclosures available now for purchase.

To place an order, or to get additional information, please visit Ultimate 3D Printing Store online at, or call (813) 280-1115 to speak to a team member.