Weight and Dimensions

Engraving Area

18.4”x12” (467 mm x 304.8 mm)

Cutting Area

20”x12” (508mm x 304.8mm)

Max Engraving Height

1.25” (32 mm)

Max Cutting Height

¼” Wood and Acrylic (6 mm)

Max Cutting Height

¼” Wood and Acrylic (6 mm)

Machine Dimensions

32”x20”x8.25” (812.5mm x 508mm x 209.55mm)

Laser Cutter Weight

70lbs (31.75kg)

Shipping Weight (not including BOFA Filtration)

100lbs (45 kg)

Laser Tube

Laser Type

Sealed CO2 Laser Tube

Laser Power


Laser Classification

Class 4 with Lid Open, Class 3R with Lid Closed

Beam Size

6.5mm @ 1.2m

Working Current



10.6 micrometers


Electrical Requirements

LC40 input rating

120V, 60Hz, 5Amps


Driving System

Nema Stepper Motor

Cooling Mode

Forced Air Heat Exchanger with Recirculating Water

Gantry System

Linear Ball Bearing Shaft Y-Axis, Rail Guideway X-Axis

Eye Protection

No Protective Laser Eyewear Required

Standard Equipment Includes:

Z-Axis: Manual Laser Head Focus

Focal Lens: 2”

Integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

Hex Box Integrated Cooling and Air Assist System

Red Dot Pointer: Integrated Beam Combiner

Integrated Exhaust System

Wide Angle, High-Def Camera

Honeycomb Aluminum Plate for Ventilation

Warranty: 12 Months

Included Kit Components Offer Complete Solution For Laser

Computer Requirements

On Board Full Color Touchscreen

Mac and PC Compatible

Works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE

Recommended Screen Size: 11”

Min Screen Resolution: 1024x768 Pixels

Ability to Connect Through Network (Ethernet or WiFi) without Internet Connection

Recommendations for Optimal Operating Environment

Recommended Environmental Temperature: 60-85F (16-29C)

Level Workspace

Dry Workspace Environment