Software and firmware are two different components of your machine that operate together to keep your machine working at peak performance. In addition to regularly updating the Wanhao Maker software we also recommend periodically updating the firmware that is loaded onto your 3D printer's microcontroller. These updates serve to correct bugs and errors on previous versions of the firmware that was factory loaded onto your machine 

*You DO NOT need to open these files outside of the Wanhao Maker software will only access these files via the following steps:


Step 1

To complete a firmware update simply download the zip files at the bottom of this page. Once they have been downloaded onto your computer they will be within a zip folder which means that they must be extracted before you can use them. Right-click on the file within the zip folder destination and click EXTRACT ALL. This will extract the file to another location (you can choose where it will be stored). Remember the location where the file was saved as you will need this new file to complete the process.


Step 2

Plug in the USB cable that came with your 3D printer into your computer and also into the back of the 3D printer. 


Step 3

Open the Wanhao Maker software on your computer. Once within the software interface, click on PRINTER CONTROL(C) in the top menu and then click UPDATE FIRMWARE. Choose the port (USB cable location) where your printer is connected to your computer and also the location of the extracted firmware file.




(Fixes Z-Axis Drop)


Wanhao-Duplicator 1211 

(Last Confirmed Stable)



Maxx-fast-stop, (BETA)