Imagine if you could take an idea from inside your head and suddenly turn it into a tangible object you could hold in your hands.

That’s the simplicity and magic of 3D printing. It transforms projects from digital concepts into real products by using 3D printers, specialty software and an unlimited array of printing materials.

While many people may think that 3D printing is nothing more than taking a substance, melting it down and layering it repetitively until a solid object appears, that process only applies to the two most-common forms of 3D printing, FDM (fused deposition modeling) and FFF (fused filament fabrication).

The reality of how much 3D printing has grown is impeccable. There are at least nine different types of additive manufacturing, including DLP (digital light processing), SLS (selective laser sintering), SLM (selective laser melting), EBM (electron beam melting), LOM (laminated object manufacturing) and more. Each one builds on the basic 3D technology to incorporate different processes for working with different materials and in different mediums.

What this means for home-based artists and entrepreneurs and, specifically, commercial businesses is nothing short of mind-blowing.

It’s a technology that has the capability to transform our future, to radicalize manufacturing and to influence every conceivable industry from construction and architecture to healthcare and military defense.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store is honored and humbled to not only be the expert source on 3D printing technology, but also Florida’s premiere destination for additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing and design. Headquartered in the greater Tampa Bay area, we offer our consulting and 3D design services to anyone anywhere in the world.

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Our goal is to introduce Tampa Bay to the wonders and benefits of 3D printing and to show that anyone can easily master this technology and immediately put it to beneficial use.

The possibilities are limitless!

Together, we can literally build a better world.