Imagine that you're an elementary school, high school or university and you want to encourage bright young minds to explore a new technology. Or you're a non-profit organization, trying to drum up awareness of a critical issue but you lack a proper platform to have your agency's message heard.

Two cutting-edge, Tampa Bay tech companies have the perfect solution.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store and Tampa Hydrographics Facility are partnering up to offer an unprecedented opportunity to educational facilities and charitable agencies: A limited edition Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D Desktop Printer that can be hydro-dipped to showcase either the logo, school mascot or designated colors of any school, university or charity that wants to leap into the 3D printing revolution.

A select number of customized 3D desktop printers are available for sale or through donation to a worthwhile cause.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store believes in giving back to those in the community who make a difference. The company proudly names three charitable causes on its website that it supports: e-Nable, Stomp Out Bullying and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. But the list doesn't stop there.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store, the first E-commerce 3D desktop printer retail store in Tampa Bay, supports all nonprofit organizations that aim to change the world for the better, and it believes that students, regardless of their grade level, deserve access to the latest and best technology.

These customized 3D desktop printers aren't just cool - they provide a platform to kick start conversation, to pique young minds about an emerging technology and to serve as a hands-on tutorial for harnessing the power of imagination.

If you're not familiar with hydro-dipping, this affordable water transfer printing application is another revolutionary procedure that is finally gaining mainstream exposure. Water-based hydrographic dipping transfers an image or pattern to a three-dimensional surface, covering even difficult to reach areas, by fully submersing the item in water to cover the entire surface.

Simply put, it creates an eye-catching opportunity to showcase one's alma mater or charitable cause in a way that transcends normal means.

There's never been a better time for innovators, educators and tech-savvy enthusiasts to start incorporating these revolutionary machines in classrooms, showrooms and corporate offices everywhere.

Updated June 5th 2017