High Strength Prototyping

With the ability to 3D print in performance polymers and composites such as PEI, SAAM HT (High Temperature) allows you to 3D print stronger parts than ever before.



High Temperature 3D Printing Made Easy

SAAM HT offers the most affordable solution to fabricate parts in 3D printing’s most advanced thermoplastics and composites. SAAM HT 3D prints in ULTEM, PEEK, polycarbonate, and any thermoplastic up to 450°C.





450°C Hot End

Our hot end sustains nozzle temperatures capable of printing the highest temperature thermoplastics.

Heated Chamber

SAAM HT’s heated chamber enables printing in performance materials without warping and splitting.

250°C Print Bed

The ultra-high temperature print bed gives you complete control over part warping and adhesion.