xTool M1 Hybrid Laser And Blade Cutting Machine

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$ 899.00

xTool M1

World's First Hybrid Laser and Blade Cutting Machine
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A Laser or a Blade Cutting Machine?

The M1 has Both!

Double The Materials

Capable of cutting and engraving materials that typically processed by Laser and Blade. That means, more possibilities will be opened for you to perfect your crafts.

Material Testing Report
xTool M1 Materials

You did that with xTool M1? Yes!!!

Smart Camera with Smart Processing

16 MP Smart Camera

Equipped with a 16MP high resolution camera inside, xTool M1 is capable of visualizing the entire workspace, boosting up your productivity.

Image Extraction

Whether it is your exquisite drawings, cute cartoon characters, or just random inspirations from your kids, xTool M1 can capture all of them and import them into the xTool software for further design.

Batch Processing

The AI system automatically detects the shape of the material and processes the same shape of the material in batches at one time.

AI Auto-Focus

Using advanced algorithms, xTool M1 can automatically set the processing focus by identifying the types and the thickness of the material.

Deep Cutting and High Precision Engraving

Cut 8mm Basswood in One Pass

Dual Laser Technology

10W higher power cutting is achieved by combining two lasers into one module and directing two lasers into one spot.

Ultra-fine 0.01mm Engraving Precision

eagle engraving

Compressed Spot Technology

From 0.15*0.18mm to 0.08*0.08, xTool M1 utilized FAC lens to concentrate power to a single spot to achieve a higher engraving precision.

Compressed Laser Spot

360° Smooth Rotary Engraving

bat engraving sample
tumbler engraving sample
mug engraving sample
flashlight engraving sample
wine glass engraving sample

Few Clicks to Create with Endless Possibilities

Even a novice can easily create with xTool Creative Space software. Not only does it includes 500+ elements, 30+ fonts, parameter settings, and various editing functions, but it also provides numerous step-by-step project files that you can follow and craft.


Easy Material Selection Parameters

For xTool offical materials, xTool M1 software auto-recognizes materials and recommends default parameters for cutting and engraving accordingly.

Wide Compatibility

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4 Types of Compatible Devices

Support working on Windows/macOS/Android/iOS devices.

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2 Connection Modes

Use WI-FI and USB to connect software and the machine.

languages icon

7 Languages Available

Support multi- languages including English, Chinese, Italian and more.

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10+ File Types Supported

Work seamlessly with .dxf. .tif, .svg, .jpg, etc. directly exported from common design software.

Taking Care of All the Details

Safety is our Priority

Comforting Smoke-Reduced Experience

The built-in ventilation system reduces the spread of smoke from the machine. To extract smoke, you can place the exhaust pipe out the window or install an M1 air purifier to speed up the process.

What's Inside The Box?

xTool M1 Basic

xTool M1 Deluxe

M1 Specifications

Features and Specs
Machine Type Diode Laser & Blade Cutting Machine
Main Features Flat engraving
Flat cutting
Rotary engraving
Blade cutting
Laser Module Output Power 5W & 10W
Laser Spot 0.08mm*0.08mm
Carving Precision 0.01mm
Routing Speed 150mm/s
Working Area 385*300mm (15*12 inch)
Connecting Interfaces USB/Wi-Fi
Operating Systems Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
Control Software Laserbox Software (Basic)/Laserbox App
AI Camera Information
Image Resolution 500dpi
Machine Enclosure
Open the lid and stop working
Size and Weight  
Product Weight 9.8 kg / 21.6 lbs
Product Size(L x W x H) 557*453*230mm (22*18*9 inch)
Supported Accessories  
Smoke Purifier
Extractor Fan
Rotary Attachment

Manufacturer Part Numbers: M1 - 5W Basic: P1030221, M1 - 10W Basic: P1030222, M1 - 10W Deluxe: P1030248, M1 - 10W Deluxe + Air Purifier: P1030299-P5010134

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