Bondtech Adapter for Raise3D Dual

$ 3.00

$ 3.00

An adapter is required for early model N1/N2 printers that have silver colored stepper motors in order to connect the new Bondtech DualDirect Extruder.

This is because older model Raise3D N1/N2 printers with the silver color motors have a stepper motor connection that does not fit the motors on the DualDirect Extruder. This adapter fits onto the factory extruder stepper motor cables and then plugs into the motors of the DualDirect Extruder.

The kit includes two adapter cables. One of the cable adapters have the phase shifted on one of the stepper motor coils. This phase shift is in order to change the rotation direction of that motor and is necessary in order for the extruder to feed filament in the correct direction.


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