Mosaic CANVAS Hub for the Palette 2 & 2 Pro

$ 59.00

$ 59.00

Upgrade your Palette printing experience with the CANVAS Hub. This genius little device sets up and maintains constant communication between your Palette 2 or Palette 2 Pro, your 3D printer and your computer. With this much improved calibration you'll get much more reliable printing, and a wireless link to the CANVAS platform. Your Mosaic ecosystem just appointed a leader.

Palette Cleanser

With the Palette 2, Mosaic has designed a system that ensures that the complex process of multi-filament printing works easily and smoothly, and that means the Palette 2 and your 3D printer make sure to check in with each other periodically throughout the print.

The CANVAS Hub removes any delays caused by the devices catching up to one another, as it maintains a constant communication between the two devices. Your printer will always know where the Palette 2 is in the print, and total print speeds will be noticeably faster.

It's a printing party, and you've got the Hub!

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