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Versatile, High Performance, USA Made

gCreate is setting the new standard for easy to use, affordable, industrial large format desktop 3D printing. gMax 3D Printers are designed and rigorously tested to be versatile across a wide range of materials and functionalities. The gMax 2 PRO is a top-of-the-line solution for accurate, consistent 3D printing with a build volume suited for life sized objects.

Industry Leading

Genuine components from industry leading partners to ensure the highest quality output and easy maintenance.

USA Designed and

The gMax 2 PRO is proudly made in-house in Brooklyn, NY with many parts sourced in the USA.

Tech Support

gCreate's dedicated in-house technicians are available for email, phone, and video support.

gCreate Headquaters NYC Made in America 3D printers

gCreate HQ - NYC

gCreate's latest expansion has lead them to the historic Brooklyn Navy Yards, an area with a rich history for manufacturing which has seen a tremendous revitalization. gCreate proudly manufactures, assembles, tests, and ships all of their gMax 3D printers in-house in Building 77. Each gMax 2 PRO 3D Printer is assembled by hand at their facility. This ensures that every printer they send out meets their high bar for quality and standards of craftsmanship.

gCreate Print farm large American Made 3D printers

gCreate Print Farm

This latest expansion will allow for increased efficiency, high quality production, and R&D on ground breaking technologies. It will also allow for a large expansion of their selective large format 3D printing services. The experts at gCreate operate their own selective large format 3D printing sevices. This has allowed them to refine their platform for seemless operation by any user, no matter their expertise.

gCreate filament database filament profile settings library

gCreate Tested Filament Database

gCreate has tested hundreds of filaments across the entire machine family in their on-site print farm. Click below for the recommended print settings and brands that gCreate has confirmed on their gMax 3D Printers.

gMax Features

gCreate gMax 2 PRO features

From Aerospace and the Military, to Medical Device Manufacturing and Education, the gMax 2 PRO 3D Printers Are Preferred Across Several Industries.