Beam Air : The Universal Laser Cutter Fume Extractor

$ 999.00

$ 999.00

FLUX Beam Air

The Universal Laser Cutter Fume Extractor

The Beam Air is a universal fume extractor for laser cutters. Whether planning to buy a laser cutter for home, hobby, or business use, the Beam Air can provide the ability to minimize or eliminate a majority of particles and scents of materials in use for almost any laser cutter. If already using a laser cutter, the strong scents and particles that could be emitted from the laser cut material may be all too familiar. The Beam Air can efficiently solve these problems by using four layers of technologically advanced filters.


This is the first layer of defense! The pre-filter is positioned on the top of the Beam Air, so it is the first filter that will be preventing particles from passing through – coming from the laser cutter which is connected via a tube. Because this filter is the thinnest and the top layer, this filter will need to be replaced after every 10 – 30 hours of use.

Medium Efficiency Filter

Just below the pre-filter, the medium efficiency filter provides a buffer and further filtering out particles which managed to get through the pre-filter. To ensure the Beam Air is eliminating as many particles from passing to the outside environment, this filter will need to be replaced after every 50 – 150 hours of use.

H13 HEPA Filter

The third section of the Beam Air is known as the H13 HEPA Filter and as it is near the center of the Beam Air, it filters out the few remaining particles that may have penetrated past the other two filters. This filter will need to be replaced after every 100 – 200 hours of use.

Activated Charcoal Filter

This is the bottom filter, or final filter, of the Beam Air. Particles have to make it past three other filters to reach this one. This filter can eliminate almost all of the particles at this point, allowing for the Beam Air to be a proficient fume extractor. This long-lasting filter will need to be replaced after every 300 – 600 hours of use.

Compatible With:

  • FLUX beamo
  • FLUX Beambox
  • FLUX Beambox Pro
  • Glowforge Pro
  • Glowforge Plus
  • Glowforge Basic
  • Dremel Digilab LC40
  • Emblaser 2
  • Makeblock
  • K40
  • And Many More!

Showcasing the universality of the Beam Air even more, almost any laser cutter’s hose can be connected to the Beam Air so that it can extract the particles from the air in the laser cutter, though it may require a simple tube reducer or expander to connect the sizing difference. Overall, the Beam Air is an ideal solution for many laser cutter users due to its ease of use, beneficial fume extracting ability, and its compatibility with so many laser cutters.

Technical Specifications

Max System Flow 353 CFM
Inlet Diameter Φ 100mm
Product Dimensions 14.57" x 10.24" x 17.72" (37 x 26 x 45cm)
Package Size 19.29" x 14.57" x 19.69" (49 x 37 x 50cm)
Weight 37.5lbs. (17kg)
Voltage AC 110V/220V
Power 180W

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