Zmorph Fab Thick Paste Extruder Tool Head

$ 149.00

$ 149.00

Please note: This item is currently on backorder. We do not have an ETA on it's availability.

The Thick Paste Extruder for Zmorph Fab enables 2D and 3D printing of dense masses, which are extruded at high pressure through an exchangeable nozzle. It has a wide potential for experimental applications in art projects, material research, and custom cake decorations. Its simple construction also makes it safe for educational purposes and working with children. The toolhead can print using medium and dense masses like ceramics, Nutella, chocolate and sugar toppings, and cookie dough. Feel free to experiment with other materials like silicone, porcelain, avocado paste, or cheese, to achieve results through trial and error.

Objects printed with the Thick Paste Extruder are not certified as edible.


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