Harz Labs Industrial ABS Black Resin - 1kg

$ 116.00 $ 50.00

$ 50.00

Industrial ABS

Designed for industrial needs. Mechanical properties are close to molded ABS. Accurate, non-brittle and odorless resin

Industrial ABS resin designed for creating end parts. Fully cured polyurethane-based material has similar mechanical properties to ABS molded parts – high hardness and toughness. Chemical properties are close to polyurethane and strong as molded ABS.

Due to chemical composition it is safety material what makes it suitable for printing functional end parts such as body parts, cases, functional prototypes etc. Accurate, non-brittle and odorless resin for your manufacturing needs

Compatible Printers


Appearance: Colored transparent liquid

Color: Black

Odor: Odorless

Viscosity according to Brookfield: 0,5-0,8 Pa*s

Tensile strength: 48 N/mm2

Elongation at break: 10%

Hardness Shore D: 84

Shrinkage: 0,5%

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