Slice Engineering - Craftbot Flow Upgrade Bundle

$ 119.99

$ 119.99

Slice Engineering - Craftbot Flow Upgrade Bundle

Unlock the full power of your Craftbot Flow printer, with our Copperhead® Hot Block and CB-Flow Heat Break. We've built a reputation for outfitting 3D printers with premium engineering-grade components that drastically improve performance. Achieve 10 more watts of heating power with our fast-heating copper hot block and minimize clogging with our bimetallic heat break. These easy-to-install upgrades result in less downtime, less wasted filament on failed prints, less tinkering, increased throughput, and higher resolution.

The Craftbot Flow Upgrade Bundle is more than just a streamlined all-in-one solution for the common problems facing Craftbot Flow users, it's the next step in your additive manufacturing evolution. Get back to just pressing print and watching your dreams become a reality.

Compatible Printers:

  • Craftbot Flow
  • Craftbot Flow XL
  • Craftbot Flow IDEX
  • Craftbot Flow IDEX XL

Bundle includes:

  • Copperhead® Heat Break - CB-Flow
  • Copperhead® Hot Block
  • AP3X™ Nozzle - Vanadium™ / 0.4 mm
  • Custom Industrial Heater - 50W 24V / 80mm / JST XHP-2
  • Boron Nitride Paste - 5 cc

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