Tethon 3D - Tethonite® High Alumina Ceramic Powder

$ 695.00

$ 695.00

Tethon 3D Tethonite® High Alumina Ceramic Powder, 18 Pound Bucket

Tethonite® is an authentic ceramic powder for use in powder/binder jet 3D printers, such as the ZCorp 310 and 510. The binder-jet technology used in these printers is readily adapted to be used with the proprietary Tethonite powder and companion Tethon 3D ceramic binder.

Tethonite is offered in four formulations at the same price: earthenware (terra cotta), stoneware, high alumina and porcelain. All four varieties have the physical properties of their corresponding traditional ceramics.

Printed high alumina objects must be fired to at least Cone 10 (2800F).

Download Tethonite User Guide pdf document

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