Bambu Lab Heatbed Unit V3 - X1 Series

$ 119.99

$ 119.99

Bambu Lab Heatbed Unit V3 - X1 Series

The heatbed in the X1 series printer is a platform installed inside the printer chamber. It can move up and down along the Z-axis and can be heated based on the temperature set by the user. Setting an appropriate heat bed temperature can enhance model adhesion to the build plate, preventing warping.


Important to Know

- The X1 series printers currently have both Heatbed Unit V3 and V2 heatbed options. All printers will eventually shift to the V3 heatbed.

- Heatbed Unit V3 is more user-friendly for replacement, while maintaining the same functionality as the Heatbed Unit V2.

- In addition, please note that different versions of the heatbed must correlate to the relevant version of the AC board.

- If your printer initially had a Heatbed Unit V2 and you intend to upgrade to a Heatbed Unit V3, it's essential to upgrade the original AC board to the version compatible with the Heatbed Unit V3.


X1 Series Exclusive

In the Box

  • 1x - Heatbed Unit V3

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