xTool D1 Pro/D1 Extension Kit

$ 517.99 $ 99.00

$ 99.00
xTool D1 Extension Kit

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Extension Kit

*Compatible with xTool Enclosure Max

  • Suitable for xTool D1/D1 Pro
  • Increased to 200% Engraving Area:936 mm x 432 mm (36.85 in x 17 in)
  • Doubling the Processed Materials
  • Highly Accurate, Stable, and Still
  • Designed for Large-sized Creations
  • The bundle (Extension Kit + Honeycomb Panel Set) will be shipped separately

Expand your working area to 936mm x 432mm (36.85 inches x 17 inches)

It not only meets the needs of large engraving and cutting, but even multiplies the number of process materials.

xtool d1 extension kit
xtool d1 extension kit large work area

Higher working efficiency

The large working area allows you to set more quantity at one time to achieve higher working efficiency.

More Large Creations

Use additional risers (sold separately) to increase the height of xTool D1 to facilitate the engraving of higher objects(use 2 sets to increase height to 140mm). Customize your skateboard, door or guitar to make them cooler.

engraving skateboard

Designed for Large-sized Creations

large engraving samples


Compatible models xTool D1 Pro / D1
Left/Right Plate length 1135mm
Working Area 936 mm x 432 mm (36.85 in x 17 in)

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