Modix Clog Detector

$ 120.00

$ 120.00

Improve Printer Reliability

The Modix Clog Detector will improve your printer's reliability by detecting filament clogs, jams, and runout. The clog detector has a custom, highly sensitive encoder capable of detecting the following potential failures:

  • Hot-end clogs
  • Knots in the filament spools
  • Filament run-out
  • Under extrusion such as when the nozzle temperature is too low, or the nozzle is too close to the bed.

When a failure is detected, the printer is paused and print job can be saved. No more discovering your printer printing mid air! This add-on is provided as a drop-in replacement for the current filament run-out sensor. Consider purchasing two units for dual print head configuration.

Notice: Requires Modix Duet 2 WiFi Mainboard (included in all V3 printers), will not work on non-upgraded V2 models.


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