3DFS - Activated carbon and HEPA filtration systems

$ 129.00

$ 129.00

This filtration system is compatible with:

  • UltiMaker 2

  • UltiMaker 2 Extended

  • UltiMaker 3

  • UltiMaker 3 Extended

  • UltiMaker S3

  • UltiMaker S5

  • Zortrax M200

  • Zortrax M300


3DFS - Activated Carbon and HEPA Filtration Systems 

Ultimate 3D Printing Store understands that, much like purchasing any high-end product, the cost of buying a 3D printer often takes time, research and careful consideration of all the various machines currently available to ensure that you get exactly the right machine for your specific needs. That’s why we designed our exclusive 3DFS safety enclosures to work with or without the optional air filter with activated carbon and HEPA filters.

Each enclosure is designed so that users can decide on their own when and if they want to add filtration. The enclosure comes pre-drilled with the vent and mounting holes easily accessible to add an air filter with activated carbon and a HEPA filter system at your convenience.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store sells the air filter with activated carbon and HEPA filters individually, with a variable speed exhaust fan and easy access power connections and control design. To install these to your pre-existing enclosure, it’s as simple as removing the plexiglass cover and using the four screws and nylon lock nuts to add the filtration system to your machine.

As always, Ultimate 3D Printing Store’s knowledgeable and experienced support staff is available to provide any technical support that you may require. For assistance, simply call U3DPS today at (813) 280-1115.

3DFS - 3Domus Filtration Systems

In ancient Rome, the term “domus” was used to describe the residence where upper-class and wealthy residents lived during the Republican and Imperial eras.

More than 2000 years later, Ultimate 3D Printing Store has adopted the term to describe its high-end dome enclosure, manufactured exclusively by U3DPS at its warehouse in Odessa, Florida, for use with the Ultimaker S5, the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended, Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended series 3D printers.

This enclosure is made separate of Ultimaker by U3DPS to provide users with a state-of-the-art enclosure and optional filtration system that not only maintains internal thermal conditions and prevents fumes from invading your workspace, but it adds an aesthetic element lacking from the machine by itself.

U3DPS designed this enclosure specifically for the Ultimaker brand, which is widely regarded as the world’s best FDM 3D printer, for a very simple reason: It completes your Ultimaker series printer.

None of the Ultimaker series 3D printers currently come with an enclosure, and anyone who works with one of these printers, especially in an enclosed environment, should have this enclosure, not only to protect the machine from outside contaminants, as well as their investment, and to maintain internal temperature, but also to keep their work environment free of fumes during the printing process.

U3DPS is proud to be the only company in the world manufacturing a safety enclosure for Ultimaker series 3D printers. If you see a safety enclosure for sale, and it does not include our exclusive 3DFS designation, then you are not buying an enclosure made exclusively by Ultimate 3D Printing Store for your Ultimaker series printer.

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