Zortrax Raydent Surgical Guide Resin - 1000ML

$ 369.00

$ 369.00

Raydent Surgical Guide Resin

A crystal-clear resin meant for 3D printing precise dental surgical guides. Class I biocompatibility makes it safe for transient contact with a human body which is enough to perform drilling or other surgical procedures common in modern dentistry.

Surgical guides 3D printed with Raydent Surgical Guide Resin are translucent which improves visibility during the procedure. High dimensional accuracy guarantees precise placement of implants or guidance for tools used by a dentist. Low viscosity and water-resistance make the printed guide easy to wash if necessary. All prints must be sterilized prior to intraoral use.

Data Sheet  


Class I biocompatibility

Raydent Surgical Guide Resin has been certified safe for transient intraoral use which is enough to perform all kinds of procedures with dental surgical guides.


Models printed with Raydent Surgical Guide Resin are translucent which ensures optimal visibility during the placement of implants or drilling.


Surgical guides printed with Raydent Surgical Guide Resin can be safely washed and disinfected prior to intraoral use to ensure patients' safety.


Dedicated for


Netto Weight


Zortrax Inkspire


1000 ml ± 5%

405 nm



Key Properties



Test Method

Shore hardness

 > 80 D

 > 80 D

 ISO 187

Elongation at break

 < 5.0%

< 5.0%


Flexural modulus

> 2000 MPa

> 290075.5 psi

ISO 20795-1

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