Ultimaker Silicone Nozzle Covers for UM 3 Extended (5 Pack)

$ 9.99

$ 9.99

The dual-extrusion Ultimaker 3 utilize silicone nozzle covers across the bottom of the tool head which protects the articulating hotends, helps keep hotend temperatures stable, and covers the bottom from filament backflow. Over time, these silicone covers will wear out and need to be replaced, so additional covers are now available! Sold as a pack of 5 silicone nozzle covers

Ultimaker Product Number: 210542

Notice: There are two versions of the nozzle cover/nozzle seal and metal bracket for the Ultimaker 3 family of printers. These nozzle covers will fit the version with two teardrop shaped holes in the openings at the bottom of your printhead.

If they are square shaped, you will want UM Part#2161

Keep your dual extrusion Ultimaker 3D printer running clean with a fresh silicone nozzle cover.

Over time, the silicone nozzle cover on your Ultimaker 3 3D printer will undergo normal wear and need to be replaced. This is an important regular maintenance task that will protect you and your Ultimaker 3D printer. The function of the silicone nozzle cover is to contain the heat of your 3D printer's hotends so that temperatures remain steady for optimal 3D printing filament flow and smooth 3D print results. Additionally, the silicone nozzle covers contribute to clean prints and minimal maintenance by helping to protect the hotends against any potential filament backflow.


5 x silicone nozzle covers for your chosen Ultimaker 3 dual extrusion 3D printer model

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