Sinterit C-10 EX Vacuum Cleaner w/ 3D Tool Kit & Cyclonic Pre-Separator

$ 3,395.00

$ 3,395.00

Vacuum Cleaner C-10 EX w/3D Tool Kit and Cyclonic Pre-Separator HEC-35L 

Vacuum Cleaner C-10 EX (4W) w/3D Tool Kit

Dry Recovery Only


  • Available with a brushless motor where applicable
  • Intermittent housekeeping and general cleaning
  • Bypass Ametek® long life motor
  • Includes 4 HEPA filters. Class H14. Individually factory tested
  • Material to be recovered within a conductive cloth recovery bag
  • Includes an indicator light to warn of vacuum blockage
  • Recovery tank made of stainless steel SAE 430.  Recovery tank made of stainless steel SAE 304 is also available

Cyclonic Pre-Separator HEC-35L (4W)


  • High Efficiency Cyclone (HEC). Pre-separation system for fine dust using the cyclone for inertial separation
  • The suction inlet is 2" (50 mm) in diameter
  • Heavy duty construction. Static dissipative and grounded
  • Cyclone is made of conductive plastic. Recovery tank is made of stainless steel SAE 430
  • Recovery capacity of 9 gal. (35L)
  • A conductive poly liner recovery bag is included to facilitate emptying of recovered materials
  • This compact separation system is mounted on 4 conductive wheels for maximum maneuverability

Vacuum cleaner
Specs 111805A-3D
Model Name C-10 EX (4W) W/3D TOOL KIT
Type (Powerhead) Electric 
Voltage 120 V
Hertz 60 Hz
Phase Single 
Wattage 1207 W
Power 1.6 HP
Amperage 10.5 A
Air Flow 110 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 107 " H20
Sound Level 72 dB(A)
Plug Type 120V 
Suction Inlet 60 mm 
Cart Type 4 Wheel Dolly (4W) 
Dry Recovery - Disposable Filter Bag 5 gal.
Length 17 "
Width 17 "
Height 36.5 "
Weight (Vacuum Only) 52 lb.
Cord Length 35 ft.
HEPA/ULPA Filter Surface Size 21.8 ft2
Main Cloth Filter Surface Size 3.75 ft2
Conductive Recovery Bag Filter Surface Area 8.85 ft2


Division 2, Class II, Groups F & G
Certified Zone 22 Hazardous Areas / Dust Group IIIC (Conductive Dusts)

ESD Safe Vacuum Cleaners for Hazardous Locations are designed to prevent ignition hazards.
We use metal parts or Static Dissipative Powder Coating to prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

This model can be used to Recover Combustible/Conductive Dusts in Hazardous Locations Division 2 and Zone 22 Dust Group IIIC:
Group F Conductive Carbonaceous Dust (carbon black, coal, coke dust, etc)
Group G All flour Dust (grain, flour, starch, sugar, wood, plastic, chemical dust, etc)
Group IIIC Conductive Dust Zone 22 (as per International Standards)

Cyclonic Pre-Separator 

Cyclonic Pre-Separator
Specs 112309
Model Name HEC-35L (4W)
Suction Inlet 2 " 
Cart Type 4 Wheel Dolly (4W) 
Recovery Capacity (Dry) 9 Gal (35 L) 
Length 17 "
Width 17 "

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