BOFA 3D printpro 2 - 3D printing fume extraction and filtration systems

$ 730.00

$ 730.00

The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 2 is a low cost unit which extracts fumes generated by the printer without causing the filament deposition area to be cooled.

Key features of the 3D PrintPRO 2

It has the benefits of low noise level and minimal power consumption. Each unit is supplied with a connection hose, ‘Stay Put’ arm and conical shaped nozzle.

Standard Features

- 3 level filtration - Pre, HEPA and chemical filters

- Filter change indicator

- Filters with long life and low replacement cost

- Powder coated for durability

- Hose kit included

- Compact size

- Small footprint

- Low noise levels

- Optional Features

- 24V Remote stop / start interface



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