Phrozen SC-801 Clear Resin - 1kg - (CLOSE OUT)

$ 164.99

$ 164.99
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Phrozen SC-801 Clear Resin, 500 grams or 1 kilogram

Specification & Performance

XY Resolution: 0.075 mm

Layer Height / Parameter: 20 sec @ 50 um (Phrozen Shuffle / Make ParaLED)

Key Performance: Highly transparent resin. Does not yellow easily in post-curing. Recommend to use low power UV curing light to post-cure.

How to Clean Printed Part: Use alcohol spray to clean models and dry with air gun. Do not immerse printed part into alcohol over 30 sec.

Application: Optical part, transparent models.

Phrozen SC-801 clear resin profile CLICK HERE 

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