LulzBot - Parts Department - PET Tape, 12"x12" sheet, 5 pack

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$ 30.00
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3M PET polyester film is an alternative to Kapton film for covering your print surface. At the Aleph Objects, Inc. head quarters PET film has shown to be a better alternative to Kapton tape. The 3M film is thicker than most Kapton tapes meaning less tears. We have also seen that ABS sticks to the PET a bit better than Kapton, but the biggest advantage is that it lasts longer than Kapton.

Works with: LulzBot® TAZ 4, LulzBot® TAZ 3, LulzBot® TAZ 2 or 1,LulzBot® AO-101 or AO-100


These new PET 12"x12" sheets are great for covering large print platforms. They also work great for smaller print surfaces as they leave no seams, as found when using rolls of Kapton or PET tape.

Parts Included

5 PET sheets


3M 8992 Polyester film

Silicone adhesive

12 inches by 12 inches

Rated for up to 200C

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