MakeShaper - PVA Filament - Natural

$ 99.00

$ 99.00
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MakeShaper’s PVA filament allows you to make anything. Our PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) is a water-soluble US made material that is primarily used for support material allowing you to make more complex prints with easy support removal. PVA’s low print temperature makes it a perfect match for using as a support material for PLA prints.

Because PVA is water-soluble it MUST BE KEPT DRY, we have provided a resealable moisture barrier bag to store you filament when not in use. PVA is NOT optimized to work with ABS and could result in print quality issues.

PVA Filament Settings

Optimal Print Temp: 200°-220° C

Bed Temperature: 90°-110° C

Print Speed: 20-50mm/sec

Pantone NA

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