Kodak PLA Tough Filament - Green 1.75mm (750g)

$ 40.99

$ 40.99

Introducing Kodak PLA Tough Filament

KODAK PLA Tough is as easy to print as regular PLA with 9 times higher impact resistance. It has been manufactured with the highest grade of Ingeo certified resins for industrial applications. It provides excellent 3D printing characteristics, such as precise detail, good adhesion to build plates and low warping, curling and odor.

NatureWorks Ingeo filament has passed a defined set of tests to assure the highest quality and thus reliable and repeatable printing performance. Furthermore, this polymer is formulated to crystallize when annealed post-printing to improve its thermal performance and further enhance its impact properties. Do not use in direct contact with food.

Recommended Print Settings

Print temperature: 210-240C
Print bed temperature: 50-70C
Cooling fans: On (except for first layer)
Closed environment: Not required
Tips: Anneal at 110-120C for 10-20 minutes to improve the material's thermal and impact resistance


+/- 0.02mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

+/- 0.03mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

Physical Properties

Density: 1.22 g/cm3 (Test method: ISO 1183/B)

Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (200C/21.6kg): 12 g/10 min (Test method: ASTM 1238)

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