Kodak PLA+ Filament - Orange 2.85MM

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$ 29.99
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 Introducing Kodak PLA+ Filament

Kodak PLA+ is an improved version of PLA, suitable for replacing ABS in many aspects. It provides great visual quality and has very low shrinkage and warp. Its high impact resistance is similar to that of ABS and is ideal for high resolution or fast printing. It has fast crystallization, which enables printing without support and with very fine detail. Kodak uses pure grade, certified resins to ensure the best printing results. Kodak filament has passed a defined set of tests performed by NatureWorks to ensure the product quality. Post-annealing in the range of 80-130 C can be used to promote crystallization and improve the heat deflection temperature of the 3D printed part.

This grade of PLA may be used in food packaging materials and, as such, is a permitted component of such materials pursuant to section 201(s) of the Federal, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and Parts 182, 184, and 186 of the Food Additive Regulations.



Recommended Print Settings for 1.75mm

Print temperature: 210-240C
Print bed temperature: 50-70C
Cooling fans: On (except for first layer)
Closed environment: Not required


+/- 0.02mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

+/- 0.03mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

Physical Properties
Density: 1.24 g/cm3 (Test method: ISO 1183/B)
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (200 C/21.6kg): 8 g/10 min (Test method: ASTM 1238)



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