Kodak Nylon 6 Filament - Blue

$ 32.99

$ 32.99

Introducing Kodak Nylon 6 Filament

Kodak Nylon 6 is one of the toughest engineering plastics available. Build fixtures, guides, jigs, guards and other manufacturing aids that require good mechanical and tensile strength. Nylon 6 offers excellent resistance to heat, oils, solvents, and chemicals. Our Neon variety transmits ultraviolet/black light, so you can make objects that glow in the dark.

NOTE: Do not use in direct contact with food.

Do not leave exposed to air, since it readily absorbs humidity, which can greatly affect your print. Drying this hygroscopic material before printing is highly recommended. The KODAK 3D Printing Filament airtight case (included with the Kodak Portrait 3D printer) will improve your printing experience by preventing exposure to dust and absorption of moisture during extrusion.

Important Note: Nylon is a challenging material to print. You may need to get a sheet of tufnol or garolite to print on to avoid warping.



- Produces very strong, shatterproof functional objects
- High abrasive resistance, small friction coefficient (slippery)


- +/- 0.02mm diameter
- 99% roundness accuracy
- <0.02% moisture content

Recommended Print Settings

Print temperature: 240-270C
Print bed temperature: 90-110C (not glass)
Cooling fans: Off
Closed environment: Not required
Tips: Keep the filament dry by properly storing the spool. It may require drying at 80C for a few hours before printing for best results.

Physical Properties

Density: 1.14 g/cm3 (Test method:ISO 1183/B)
Melting temperature (10 ∞C/min):192C (Test method:ISO 11357-1/-3)

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