Kodak Nylon 12 Filament - Natural 2.85MM

$ 79.99

$ 79.99

Introducing Kodak Nylon 12 Filament

Kodak Nylon 12 is an ideal material for durable parts and is the best choice for printing high-stress working mechanisms. It is much less hygroscopic than Nylon 6 and extremely stable both thermally and chemically. It shows excellent physical properties, such as flexibility in thin walls and superior mechanical resistance.

Do not use in direct contact with food.


- Extremely tough with superior tensile strength, elongation at break and impact strength, high fatigue endurance and low friction coefficient

- Very low warping and moisture absorption before and after printing

- Superior chemical, UV and heat resistance (over 120C)

Recommended Print Settings

Print temperature: 255-275C
Print bed temperature: 90-110C
Cooling fans: Off
Closed environment: Recommended

Important Note: Nylon is a challenging material to print. You may need to get a sheet of tufnol or garolite to print on to avoid warping.


+/- 0.02mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

+/- 0.03mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

Physical Properties

Density: 1.01 g/cm3 (Test method: ISO 1183/B)
Melting temperature (10C/min): 178C (Test method: ISO 11357-1/-3)

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