Kodak Flex 98 Filament - White

$ 49.99

$ 49.99
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Introducing Kodak Flex 98 Filament

Kodak semi-rigid TPU opens up interesting options for printing shatter-resistant objects. You can make living hinges with it, and combine it with rigid plastics. Supports can be easily clipped away with a knife. Its high interlayer adhesion prevents objects from easily breaking along the Z axis. KODAK Flex 98 offers high performance and excellent printing processability, and it has been tested with bowden extruders in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

Recommended Print Settings

Print temperature: 220-260C
Print bed temperature: 50C
Cooling fans: On
Closed environment: Not required
Tips: Print slowly (under 30mm/s) and without retraction; use constant speeds and do not use sprays or glues on your print platform.


+/- 0.02mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

+/- 0.03mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

Physical Properties

Density: 1.16 g/cm3 (Test method: ISO 1183/B)
Hardness (5 sec): 55 +/-3 Shore D (Test Method: ASTM D-2240)

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