Kodak ABS Filament - Green

$ 14.99

$ 14.99

 Introducing Kodak ABS Filament

ABS is a commonly used filament suitable for making more durable and stronger parts than with PLA, as it can stand higher temperatures, it is slightly more flexible and can be easily painted. It can be treated with acetone or acetone vapor to give it a glossy finish (be careful!) and to make the object stronger, or to solidly glue parts together. Use HIPS as support material for printing ABS. ABS shrinks when it cools so you should use an enclosed printer with warm and steady air temperature (>25C) in order to prevent delamination or warping.


Benefits of ABS Include:

- High impact resistance, slightly flexible
- UV, heat and abrasion resistance
- Ideal for post-processing for a shiny, smooth surface (advanced users)


Recommended Print Settings

Print temperature: 220-250C
Print bed temperature: 90-110C
Cooling fans: Off
Closed environment: Preferable


+/- 0.02mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

+/- 0.03mm diameter
99% roundness accuracy
<0.02% moisture content

Physical Properties

Density: 1.05 g/cm3 (Test method: ISO 1183/B)
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (200C/21.6kg): 38 g/10 min (Test method: ISO 1133)


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