iglidur® I8-ESD, laser sintering material

$ 2,550.00

$ 2,550.00

The laser sintering material iglidur I8-ESD has high abrasion resistance and is electrostatically dissipative (ESD). ESD specifications are essential, particularly in the electronics industry, for avoiding damage to electronic components. 

Also interesting for all other industries where it is important to avoid electrostatic charges

  • Contact resistance from 106 up to 109 Ohms * cm

  • Excellent service life - e.g. pivotable: abrasion resistance factor 2 according to PA12

  • Gear service life calculator for gears made of iglidur I8

  • Rigidity 60% higher than with iglidur® I3

  • Suitable for all standard laser sintering systems

  • For 10KG containers

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