gMax 2 PRO Enclosure

$ 1,400.00

$ 1,400.00
gMax 2 PRO enclosed air filter large printer

gMax 2 PRO Enclosure

Notice: Lead time 3-4 weeks

Your large format 3D printing capabilities have just been enhanced. The gMax 2 enclosure was specifically developed for visibility, safety, and strength. With front and rear acrylic doors and sturdy metal parts, you can take your 3D printing to the next level.

gMax 2 PRO enclosure large 3D printer

Perfect Fit

The gMax enclosure attaches directly to the ultra sturdy gMax 2 PRO and gMax 2 aluminum frame.

This custom enclosure attaches directly to the printer to ensure a streamlined, ultra sturdy production system. The enclosure consists of powder coated aluminum panels on top and bottom, bolted to an aluminum 2020 frame. Thanks to the design, this enclosure does not require a table and it also works if you have the gMax rolling cart.

gMax 2 PRO enclosure large 3D printer

Features Include:

  • Compatible with the gMax rolling cart
  • Front and rear acrylic doors allow for easy access to your prints
  • Supports dual runout sensors
  • Supports multiple spool brackets

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