gMax 2 PRO - Aluminum Reinforced Acrylic Bed

$ 85.00

$ 85.00
gMax 2 PRO rolling cart large printer

GMax 2 PRO Aluminum Reinforced Acrylic Bed

The Ultra Durable Aluminum Reinforced Acrylic Bed for the gMax 2 and gMax 2 PRO 3D Printer. The ideal print surface for PLA and TPU, this genuine Acrylite acrylic build plate requires zero heat and is strengthened by the custom laser cut aluminum bed supporting it.

gMax 2 PRO Acrylic Bed

Each bed comes with the following items:

  • 18.5" x 18.75" Acrylite acrylic print surface
  • Laser cut aluminum bed plate
  • (4) PETG bed clips, M5 x 20mm flat heat bolts, and washers
  • Sanding block (give the bed a good sanding with a bit of water for optimal adhesion)

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