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Printer comes with both Lexan Plate & Heated Build Plate Kit.

The Ultimate 3D printer powerhouse with dazzling good-looks, gargantuan range and speed to spare, the Duplicator 5S is the industry-leading 3D Printing juggernaut, boasting outstanding strength, quickness and oodles of versatility.  Rugged and tough with an eye-popping size/speed ratio, the Duplicator 5S is the apex predator of 3D Printers, and represents the pinnacle of 3D Printing power.  With a shockingly large build envelope of 305mm x 205mm x 575mm (~ 12” L x 8” W x 23” H), it’s especially designed to meet AND surpass the needs of even the most-demanding 3D enthusiast, because with its great printing-size, the only limit is your imagination!   

Highly recommended for passionate users – or anyone else desiring the maximum amount of printing capabilities!


Printer ships with 1 Filament Roll (Black PLA)

Extruder: New! Anti-Jam Queen Single Extruder (Bowden)

Extruder Quantity: 1 Standard (Multiple Extruder Capability)

Filament Size: 3mm Dedicated

Layer Resolution Capability: 0.02mm (20 microns)

Build Plate: Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Printing Filament: PLA, PVA

Radial dial touch controller/LCD combo

Printing Speed: 300mm/s

Build Envelope: 290*190*590mm

Filament Capabilities: PLA, PVA

Software: Wanhao Maker

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Full Extreme Rock XV steel Structure

Frame Color: Blue

Our new Wanhao Duplicator 5S has been upgraded with many innovative features, including a (16mm) Z-Axis threaded rod for stronger vertical movement as well as simplified support mounts. Wanhao 3D printers are specially constructed with a lighter Bowden extruder setup to deliver the fastest printing speeds. The high speed is complemented by a built-in cooling fan to reduce warping issues and enhance extrusion layering. In its electronics section, the Duplicator 5 series is designed with Arduino© microcontroller with a custom motor shield, a circular dial touch controller/LCD combo, and stepper motors, which have the capability to run this printer at high speeds in excess of 300mm/s.

To deliver a heavy and professional physical structure, Wanhao D5S is built with new Rock XV Steel ExoFrame, which enables for a larger print height than any other machines under $10,000 USD in the 3D printer market. At present, the powder-coated frame is available in only Blue. However, the most important update for the Duplicator 5 series is our Wanhao Maker software. It is a user friendly software that surpasses more expensive third-party software packages on the market. Our simple installation process and software download to build commencement requires not more than 15 minutes. This is the best 3D printer for prototypers, architects and engineers.

Mechanical Property:

  • Overall dimensions: 460 x 400 x 860 mm.
  • Shipping Weight: 40kg (88 lbs.)
  • Linear ball bearings.
  • Precision ground Core XY.
  • Snap-on, snap-off filament assemblies.
  • Full Extreme Rock XV steel Structure.

Electronics Property:

  • Duplicator 5 single-piece motherboard.
  • 4 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control.
  • 4x20 LCD character display and turning and press control pad.
  • Piezoelectric buzzer.
  • Universal Power Supply: 115-250V, 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input), and takes standard IEC cable.

Software: Wanhao Maker

  • Compatibility: Linux, OSX, and Windows.
  • Print from SD card or over USB.
  • Input file type: STL, gcode.

Overview Features Specifications:

  • Build envelope: 290*190*590mm
  • Build volume: About 37.8 liters.
  • Layer thickness: Choose 0.02-0.4 mm which is adjustable by software.
  • Stock nozzle diameter: Stock 0.4 mm.
  • Speed: 20-300 mm/s.
  • Flow Rate: Approximately 200 cc/hr.
  • Extruder Temperature: Recommended Maximum 200-230 C.
  • Positioning precision: 2.5 micron on Z axis, 11 micron on XY axis.
  • Works with PVA, PLA and other materials
  • Filament diameter: 3.0 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Print size: (X Y Z) 290 x 190 x 590 mm
  • The Layer Thickness: 0.02mm-0.4mm
  • Layer Resolution: 20 to 300 microns
  • Filament Compatibility: PLA, PVA
  • Filament Diameter: 3.0mm (+0.05 -0.05)
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Print Speed: 50 to 300 mm/sec
  • Print Plate: (Build Platform) Acrylic plate w/o heating
  • AC Input: 4.0 A
  • Number of Extruders: One
  • Power Requirements: 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Connectivity: (Interface) USB, LCD Display
  • 3D printing Software: Wanhao Maker
  • CAD Input data file format supported: .STL
  • Client Operating System: Windows/MAC/Linux
  • Print in dual color: No
  • Print in multi-color: No
  • Machine Dimensions: 570*430*650mm
  • Shipping box dimensions: 610x570x950mm
  • Machine weight: 26
  • Shipping box weight: 40 Kg
  • Shipping Location: China

Shipping Location: Jinhua, Zhejiang China

Lead Time: Ships from Jinhua, Zhejiang China warehouse delivery is guaranteed within 7-9 business days anywhere in the USA! (Holidays excluded)

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