Diabase 3 Axis H-Series Hybrid 3D Printer and CNC Mill

$ 8,500.00

$ 8,500.00

***Price Does Not Include Shipping***

The Diabase Engineering H-Series is a carefully designed hybrid machine tool combining 3D printing, milling, and post-processing capabilities in a single build environment. The machine has been carefully engineered to solve real problems in the desktop manufacturing toolchain.  It is a tool for prosumers and institutions, enabling the manufacture of functional products with high accuracy and professional finish.

The H-Series offers: 

  • 3D Printer + CNC Mill

  • Hybrid Manufacturing

  • 5 Axis Production

  • Automatic Tool Changes

  • Little or no post-processing

  • Only use the material you need

  • Solid layer adhesion with hotter and faster extrusion 

  • Greater dimensional accuracy than printing by itself 

  • High quality surface finish with fine milling

What is Hybrid manufacturing?

  • Fast 3D printing + CNC precision

  • Single interface

  • Uninterrupted operations

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