3D-FUEL - Biome3D - Filaments -1.75mm

$ 44.99
Daffodil Yellow
Midnight Black
Ocean Blue
Strawberry Red
Tangerine Orange
$ 44.99
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A sustainable solution that combines ease of processing with a superior finish. Biome3D is the material of choice no matter what you’re 3D printing.

Like PLA, Biome3D‘s thermal and flow characteristics allow you to achieve excellent 3D printed detail. 3D print with minimal shrinkage, cracking or warping.

  • Excellent detail and greater range of geometries

  • No odor

  • Minimal shrinkage

  • No cracking

  • Less warping

Achieve an exceptional print finish with the pleasing silky feel, reduced brittleness and increased flexibility normally associated with oil-based filaments. Fantastic attributes from a 3D printing filament made from plants, not oil!

  • Silky feel

  • Superior surface finish

  • Excellent print quality

  • Plant-based, renewable source

  • Reduced brittleness

  • Increased flexibility

Biome3D is the creation of UK manufacturer Biome Bioplastics, one of the leading developers of intelligent, natural plastics. Their mission is to produce bioplastics that can challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers and ultimately replace them completely.

Print Settings

Biome3D prints well at 180-210 C. In general, a good starting point is 10 degrees cooler than you typically print PLA. A heated bed is not necessary, though if you have one, set it to 45 C.

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