BASF Carbon Fiber PET Filament - Black

$ 79.99

$ 79.99
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PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) is an exceptionally tough and sturdy printing material which serves as an excellent alternative to PLA and ABS. By adding carbon micro-carbon fibers to the filament, BASF has created amazingly resilient printed parts. Best of all, using PETG as the base means your prints have very low shrinkage, little to no odor, and extremely strong layer bonds.

PET CF combines the ease of printing of PLA with the stiffness of ABS, but has been even further enhanced to have impact resistance, and high tensile strength due to the Carbon Fiber additive. PET also features very low moisture absorption, which is excellent for long term use. Finally, prints have a lovely surface finish that make ensure the material isn't just for functional prints, but also aesthetic applications as well.

Weight: 750g


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