Hartfiel Automation uses Ultimaker to save time and money, creating tangible prototypes for customers.

Hartfiel Automation is a specialized high-tech provider of pneumatics, motion, and mobile control solutions. With the addition of an Ultimaker 3D printer to their product development process, Hartfiel Automation was able to save time and money while diversifying their services with product offerings like hydraulics, aluminum extrusions, robotics, and additional automation solutions.


“In a matter of minutes to hours, we can have an idea printed and ready for client presentations—much faster than machining or using a third-party source. Lead time to present ideas is dramatically decreased with Ultimaker and provides more control.”

Brian Hagar, Hartfiel Automation Outside Sales Manager


Hartfiel Automation – Introduction

Hartfiel Automation is a high-tech provider of pneumatics, motion and mobile controls, and robotic solutions. Creating a wide range of solutions to service industries like agriculture, speciality machine, medical, and mobile equipment, they understand the value that comes from consistent and reliable design iterations. As they continue to diversify their hydraulics, robotics, and automation offerings, the Hartfiel Automation team is quick to adopt innovative technologies like 3D printing.

Once they began iterating prototypes on the Ultimaker 2 Extended they saw the immediate benefits of a streamlined production process, enhanced efficiency, and hands-on product testing during customer meetings. Hartfiel Automation is now able to prototype pneumatic manifolds, robotic cell pick and place stations, end of arm tooling, and customized hardware for their manufacturers. Machining these products directly without prototyping would cost an average of $3,500 while also increasing the risk of mistakes and redesigns. With Ultimaker printers in-house, the Hartfiel Automation team is able to save hundreds of dollars and days of production time.