FELIX BIOprinter
High Performance, Customizable 3D BIOprinting

Appropriate for all types of bioprinting research and designed to extrude a wide range of material types.

The FELIX BIOprinter raises the bar in terms of flexibility and adaptability, and is ideally suited for an array of research, scientific, and medical applications. The unique features of the system allow the BIOprinter to print with two different material types within the same print, improve material dosage and material flow, and print a wide range of viscosities and bio-inks.

FELIX BIOprinter - Ultimate 3D Printing Store


- Fully sterilizable
- Syringe and bed plate heating / cooling
- Print a wide range of viscosities
- 2 print heads for dual material printing
- Automatic bed leveling
- Designed to use standard 5 ml syringes / petri dishes / culture plates
- 9 years of expertise accumulated to develop the optimum user-friendly design
- UV light effectively and gently cures printed parts
- No restriction to type of labware or equipment thanks to its open system
- Wireless connectivity allows synchronization of files across devices
- Uses standard slicing software - Simplify3D, the best slicing software available on the market right now - for a fully in-control, fully customizable user experience
- Touchscreen with user friendly interface and embedded print server, allows remote print file monitoring, multi-user environment and print-file management
- All information at your fingertips, duration of print, Estimated time of completion, calibration, tutorials
- Unique nozzle probing system, enables automated bed leveling and calibration of the nozzles. This gives a perfect first layer, saving you valuable research time
- Camera module lets you monitor your prints remotely from your smartphone or PC
- Fully upgradeable

Development and Accreditation

Highly engineered system developed in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark to deliver high quality output for a wide range of biological applications. The FELIX BIO printer is developed in association with TRAINING4CRM and the European Commission.

Technical Specifications

Layer Resolution:

to 50 microns

Build Plate:

Aluminium sandwich plate with steel flexplate

Print head:

Dual syringe operation

Syringe Specs:

5 ml syringe(s)

Build Speed/s:

Recommended build speed is 20 mm/s. Speed depends on material viscosity

Typical print accuracy:

± 0.05 mm for sizes below 20 mm

Syringe Min/Max print temperatures:

0-50 ˚C

Syringe heat up time / cooling times:

10 seconds

XYZ resolution:

XY, 1.6 microns, Z: 0.15 micron

Dimensions & Weight:

430 x 390 x 550 mm, 11.5kg

Build Volume:

XYZ = 130 x 210 x 130 mm

Extrusion width:

Greater than 0.1mm, depending on nozzle size


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