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Attention Facebook Wanhao Duplicator i3 Group

All Members,

Ultimate 3D Printing Store is rolling out a member discount program to all Facebook Wanhao Duplicator i3 Group Members.

Any member of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Group that would like a discount from Ultimate 3D Printing Store can have one moving forward from today on. That's right, we want to support you and everything your group stands for by giving you discounts. So, please email us the item(s) from our store you would like, we will send you a custom link with a discount to purchase.

Please send us all your information to Sales@Ultimate3DPrintingStore.com and we will send you a custom link. 

Full Name

Complete Address

Phone Number

Product or Products you will like to purchase – Printer, Parts, Filament, Etc…

Email Address

If shipping address is different then bill address send also

The reason for a custom link is because we are not offering the same discounts to the general public. The discount code may vary from day to day depending on our inventory and demand for the product you are looking for.  Nevertheless, we will make sure as a member, you receive a discount from public pricing.  For example, you will see discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off, and even sometimes 100% off (free) if you hit us at the right time!  So shop with us and send us an email today!

We also wanted you to know that we have a are  a “Mods Department.”


If you have any other ideas on helping us grow our Mods Department, we'd love to hear from you at this email address: Mods@Ultimate3DPrintingStore.com

Additionally, we would like some feedback from the group on ideas of contests we could run.  We'd like do something cool, different, and unique. Please send us your ideas to the email address below: Contest@Ultimate3DPrintingStore.com

As you can see, this page is privately posted on our website and not directly on the Facebook page due to anti-spamming regulations. We have the utmost respect for the community and want you to know that we stand behind you.

Committed to Quality. Committed to You.

Thank you,

From the Entire Staff at

Ultimate 3D Printing Store




 International Discounts Sample:

Since you are an international customer, we can always and always will give you discounts on printers.

So if you are looking to purchase a printer, always know we are here to support you and give you a discount. Seeing as you are an international customer, it would not help you or us to sell you filament or supplies because of international shipping charges from the United States to your location.

So just remember, if you need a printer, we are here to help. But as far as anything else, you may be better off buying it in your country from a local 3D printer store.


USA Discounts Sample:

To take part in the program, all you need to do is whenever you are ready to purchase something, is send us an email with the subject line - Facebook Discount. Then inside the email, make sure to include exactly what you want to buy, whether it be a printer, parts, or filament. We will then make a custom link including the discounts in order for you to click on to check out. It's really that simple. If you are looking to buy something right now, email me us and tell me exactly what you would like and we will email you a custom link.