Attention Facebook Wanhao Groups

All Members,

Ultimate 3D Printing Store is rolling out a member discount program to all Facebook Group Members.

Any member of the Group that would like a discount from Ultimate 3D Printing Store can have one moving forward from today on. That's right, we want to support you and everything your group stands for by giving you discounts. So, please fill out the form below and we will send you a custom link to purchase with discounts.



The reason for a custom link is because we are not offering the same discounts to the general public. The discount code may vary from day to day depending on our inventory and demand for the product you are looking for.  Nevertheless, we will make sure as a member, you receive a discount from public pricing.  For example, you will see discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off, and even sometimes 100% off (free) if you hit us at the right time!  So shop with us and send us an email today!

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Thank you,

From the Entire Staff at

Ultimate 3D Printing Store


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