Ultimaker NFC CPE Copolyester Filament - Transparent 2.85mm (750g)

$ 59.95

$ 59.95
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Ultimaker CPE family

CPE (co-polyester) materials are chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good dimensional stability. It is a preferred choice for both functional prototypes and mechanical parts. While both CPE and CPE+ provide similar performance characteristics, CPE+ provides the added benefit of higher temperature resistance and increased impact strength.

Reasons to choose
Ultimaker CPE

Product designers use CPE to make extremely tough and dimensionally stable functional prototypes.

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent toughness and dimensional stability

Good interlayer adhesion, especially when using the front door add-on

Low levels of ultrafine particles (UFPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Ideal for short run manufacturing and functional prototypes

Transparent option available

Example 3D prints using CPE

Product design with CPE

The UItimaker’s family of CPE filaments provides users with an array of options, depending on their performance needs.

Learn more about 3D printing in product design


Reliable, chemical resistant parts

The Ultimaker CPE is a great choice for building custom mechanical parts that require excellent chemical resistance.

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Complex geometries are easy

CPE offers toughness and dimensional stability for functional prototypes that require rigorous testing prior to entering full production.Learn more about functional prototyping


Compatibility matrix

Download CPE technical data sheet

Download CPE safety data sheet

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