Roy Kirchner

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Roy Kirchner doesn’t do idle.

On any given day, he is up and working before most people get out of bed, talking on the phone, sending emails, hosting online meetings with clients, checking the news for the latest and most unique technology available – basically doing all he can do to build his brands.

Kirchner, a nationally-recognized entrepreneur, business executive and automobile industry expert, refuses to submit to adversity and he’s constantly looking out for the next big thing that other people have failed to recognize.

Kirchner currently owns Unlimited Media Marketing 365 Portal,, a leading full-service marketing and online advertising agency, and Be Different Agency. Under his corporate umbrella, he has a dozen projects up and running or in development. He refuses to sit back and let someone else chart the path.

His latest endeavor, Ultimate 3D Printing Store, is exactly that – the next big thing.

Kirchner was an early advocate for the cutting edge 3D printer technology, and he quickly established himself as the go-to guru in Central Florida for all things related to 3D desktop printers. He cultivated a phenomenal relationship with Wanhao, the Chinese manufacturer of Wanhao 3D desktop printers, and used that partnership to develop and open one of the best online, e-commerce stores/learning centers for 3D desktop printers and everything 3D printing related. He understood early the fervor that people have for generating their own three-dimensional, fully-functional designs and capitalized on that curiosity.

But that’s just his style.

Every new endeavor that he has approached, he has made his own.

Kirchner made his start in the auto industry selling cars and quickly became the epitome of a seasoned sales professional.

Before most people his age had graduated college, Kirchner was breaking sales records and moving up the automotive dealership hierarchy in record time.

He made the most of his experience in the auto industry, learning and absorbing critical knowledge about the relationship between sales and marketing. He took that knowledge next to Focus Inc., a Tampa-based direct marketing company. Kirchner helped Focus increase revenues by 10-percent per month, shattering previous Lead Generation records, and he suddenly found himself to be an in-demand speaker at some of the auto industry’s largest and most prestigious annual events.

In 2010, he co-founded Viking Media Marketing and forged an exclusive business partnership with Star Performance Marketing, one of the 10 largest full-service automotive advertising agencies in the U.S. Working as part of a powerhouse team of young professionals, Kirchner’s efforts helped the company triple its client list and revenues. 

Whether it’s creating an advertising campaign, developing and building websites, assisting auto dealers with lead generation and customer retention, selling promotional apparel or helping usher in the 3D printing revolution by offering affordable 3D desktop printers for families, students, companies, colleges and hobbyists to use, he can’t help but stay in front of the latest trends and technologies.

One thing is for certain – if there’s a way to achieve success for a client or provide customers with the best deal possible on the latest breakthroughs – Kirchner will make it happen.

The only question is what new enterprise he will choose to conquer next.


Joseph DiMattei

Chief Technical Officer


For Joseph DiMattei, 3D printing is more than just his career. The technology has helped strengthen the bond with his 10-year-old son, Anthony, by giving them a shared passion to build memories from. 

He originally bought a 3D printer so he could build a drone with his son and teach him elements of CAD design, mechanical and electrical assembly and computer programming. At first, there was little interest. Then one day, his son was doing household chores and broke a part on the family’s vacuum. 

Joseph said by the time he got home from work, Anthony had gone online to a CAD website, found a design schematic, 3D-printed a coupling and repaired the device himself.

“I called Roy the next day,” he said. “’How do I get more involved?’”

Joseph’s rich and varied background, which includes military training, manufacturing experience and electronics installation, provided the skills he now uses daily to advance Ultimate 3D Printing Store’s reputation as a premiere destination and expert source within the industry for companies and corporations looking to stay in step with technology.

As chief technology officer, Joseph oversees a number of divisions, including technical support, inventory and manufacturing contracts. He also oversees the educational division, helps design and install printing labs and assists with the company’s community outreach efforts.  

“I take all my passion and skills gleaned from 25-plus years in manufacturing, design and installation and pour 100 percent of my knowledge into everything I do,” he said. “This emerging technology allows me to not only use all of my acquired skills, but it’s teaching me new skills daily and helping me stay aware of what the next big thing will be.”

His experience in construction, and his years spent installing smart-home integration systems and high-end components such as home theater systems, means he can assist business clients with any size job from simple to complex.

He not only can envision how best to configure a space, but he can handle buildout if the space needs to be enhanced or retrofitted. He is both a Crestron Certified Programmer and an RTI certificate recipient.

As a consultant and problem solver, he relishes every opportunity to help a company reconsider its growth potential and bring its ideas to life through additive manufacturing. 

“Too many people are in that routine of not having to create anything new. There’s been a stagnation in the advancement of technology,” he said. “3D printing is giving businesses and people that ability to be creative again. People are starting to realize 3D printing is a tool. It’s not something to be afraid of.” 

Joseph envisions a world where additive manufacturing helps bring more jobs back to the United States, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by manufacturing locally as opposed to farming out business overseas. Since joining Ultimate 3D Printing Store, he has already seen local businesses use 3D printing to create jobs and conserve resources through rapid prototyping and rapid redesign of their products.

He sees Ultimate 3D Printing Store as being a pioneer in that regard as far as educating corporations and consumers about its potential. 

“We’re talking about a technology that’s going to get to a point where it’s as common in a house as a toaster oven,” he said. “Ninety percent of businesses in the U.S. still don’t realize how 3D printing can save them time, money and resources, regardless of the industry.”


Kimberly Kirchner

Chief Financial Officer


Sometimes, it’s the things we like the least where we do our best.

Kimberly Kirchner never enjoyed math classes as a student, but after nearly two decades of experience in the finance industry, she has found her niche. Kirchner spent the first 18 years of her career working with automotive, home and small personal loans.

As Chief Financial Officer and a partner at Ultimate 3D Printing Store, Kimberly specializes in the accounting side of the business, which her husband, CEO and President Roy Kirchner, formed in 2015. In addition to maintaining the company books, tracking revenue and expenses and generating invoices for U3DPS, Kimberly also handles accounting for several other companies that her husband has formed.

It’s a big change from her years working for a mortgage title company, but Kimberly has always had a knack for numbers in her head and that experience has greatly benefitted Ultimate 3D Printing Store.

She wasn’t sure what to expect from her husband’s venture into 3D technology, the first of its kind in Tampa Bay.

“I maybe thought it was a tinkering kind of technology, just like a hobby,” she said.

While she realizes “there’s people out there who still have no clue what you’re talking about,” Kimberly said she has become a believer in the technology’s potential.

“Now seeing everything they can do with it – they’re building a house or making an ear for a baby,” she said. “Now I see how far it can actually go.”


Patrick P. Desjardins

Strategic Creative Director


Patrick Desjardins, Ultimate 3D Printing Store’s Creative Director, is no stranger to the U3DPS family, having worked with company founder and CEO Roy Kirchner for nearly 10 years.

Patrick has provided creative assistance to Roy with each new business endeavor he has undertaken, including U3DPS, to the point that after a decade of partnership, Patrick is able to visualize and create content for Roy with just a phone call offering a minimal description of the desired product.

Patrick has worked in a variety of roles for Roy, and other clients and employers, since 1973, including positions as advertising director, art director, illustrator, multimedia producer and interface navigator. He is an enterprise level ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) in the entire Creative Cloud Suite, Lightwave 4.0, and has more than four decades of experience working with digital, broadcast and print media.