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Kreon 3D laser scanners are not only accurate…

…but also high tech: blue laser, bi-camera, AQC, machine and arm ready, probe integration, etc.

Why is recalibration of your 3D scanner so important?

Over a period of time, the accuracy and measuring results of your 3D scanner can be affected by long use. Recalibration means checking and adjusting your scanner so you can be sure it continues to meet the specifications that Kreon guarantees.

The new Zephyr III 50 3D scanner from Kreon, specially developed for small geometries

The Zephyr III 50 is a 3D scanner designed for high-quality digitisation, at outstanding resolution and precision, for small geometries. With its accuracy of 5 µm, it captures parts in minute detail – and much faster than traditional probes. For all its precision, it offers uncompromised speed.

ISO 10360-12 standard for measuring arms

From February 2020, Kreon ACE measuring arms will be certified in accordance with the 10360-12 standard. This international certification requires common tests to be performed by all players in the sector to ensure greater transparency of product specifications for buyers.

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