How often does it happen – that spark of an idea that pops in your head when you least expect it? “If only they made this gadget, that would be perfect for what I need.” Most people never even try to turn such ideas into reality. With a 3D printer, even a novice inventor or entrepreneur can suddenly experience the joy of seeing such things suddenly come to life. What would it mean to experience the freedom that comes from simply building something to see if it’s possible? In 2015, Tumblr CEO and billionaire entrepreneur David Karp gushed about the potential and the inherent joy in exploring creative 3D technology, telling Bloomberg News that in his downtime he was building a 3D-printed chess set. “From mechanical design that a chump like me can start to figure out now because the software is so good, so accessible,” Karp said. “You can watch a five-minute YouTube tutorial now and figure out how to do some damage in some 3D design software.”