KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

$ 3,499.00 $ 2,399.00

$ 2,399.00

It’s versatile

Our dual extrusion with automatic nozzle lifting includes easily swappable PTFE and all-metal hotends for optimal performance with each material.

It’s reliable

A solid all-steel structure, filament cases and an enclosed chamber capable of monitoring temperature makes for a repeatable 3D printing experience.

It’s connected

Access our remote management platform, powered by 3DPrinterOS, via Wi-Fi or the LAN port to slice online, monitor your prints, store and share files, administer a print farm and download over-the-air updates, among other functions.

It’s safe

For use in offices, factories or educational institutions, the enclosed chamber with air filtration keeps toxic particles and unwanted odors inside the printer, while keeping fingers away from hot, moving parts.

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