Mosaic Palette+ Multi Material Filament System - 1.75mm

$ 559.00

$ 559.00

The Palette + from Mosaic Manufacturing enables multi-color 3D printing on a single extrusion machine by blending up to four different filaments into a single strand. The Palette Plus can feed this custom filament directly into your 3D printer to create parts with up to four different colors on a 3D printer with only one extruder

Expand the Capabilities of your 3D Printer
The Palette+ from Mosaic is the ticket to a whole new level of 3D production possibilities. The Palette takes up to four different filaments, chops them up and splices them together into a single strand of multi-colored filament made specifically for your next print. While dual extrusion machines can create parts with two colors, the Palette+ working with a single extrusion 3D printer can create parts with up to four colors with zero changes to the machine itself. The Palette also allows users to connect multiple spools of filament of the same color, allowing for prints up to four times larger without having to stop and re-load filament. The Palette+ will simply weld the new strand onto the end of the previous and the print doesn't even have to pause.

Beyond Multi-Color, Create Multi-Material Parts

The Palette+ can blend rigid materials with soft ones - such as PLA and TPU to make parts with rigid sections and also flexible components. This functionality truly takes your 3D printing possibilities to the next level; create parts with hard internal structures and soft exteriors or make parts that flex exactly where you want them to by building with flexible sections at specific points. 3D print stiff RC car wheels and flexible ties in a single print - improving reliability and driveability by ensuring the tire never slips off the wheel. Check out the pliers pictured below, printed with pink and black PLA (rigid material) and blue TPU (flexible).

Unique Color Options with Gradient Mode

Gradient Mode let's you change the color of a printed part from one color at the base to another at the top, with a gradual change along the whole piece for a beautiful design on any 3D prints. Blend any two colors to create unique prints with a color gradient that is only possible with the Palette+. Setting up gradient prints is easy with the Chroma controller software as well - just input a few settings for layer height and the software prepares the gradient gcode.

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