Mosaic Palette 3 - Open Box

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$ 300.00

Mosaic Palette 3 - Open Box


Transform your 3D printing experience with our best 3D printing solution yet!

With a simple plug-and-play setup, Palette 3 enables your printer to print multiple colors in one print, combine flexible and rigid materials together, and achieve high quality complex prints with soluble supports.

Communicate your ideas and bring your prints to life with Palette 3’s 4 color printing capabilities
Unlock multi-material printing by combining flexible and rigid materials
Experience Palette’s 3rd generation splice core for fast and reliable splicing
Automated filament management system allows you to run your longer prints without interruption
Custom designed brand new switch mechanism to make sure it performs for a long period of time
Integrated Canvas Hub to streamline communication between all your devices for an easier user experience
Manage all prints on the cloud with our seamless software integration of Canvas

Palette 3 works with most filament-based printers. Find out if your printer is compatible with Palette 3 here.

Join the global community of Palette owners in 40+ countries.

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Multi Material Combinations

Palette 3 enables your printer to print multiple colors in one print, with 4 inputs that allow you the flexibility to customize your prints and have back up spools of filament needed for automated filament management capabilities.

Combine flexible and rigid materials together on all your prints to achieve high-quality, complex prints with soluble supports.

Additional Palette 3 Features

Redefined Splice Core
Palette 3’s improved splicing mechanism provides faster and more reliable splices.

Mosaic's fine-tuned algorithms optimize the splice core tubes and increase splicing speed without any compromises in reliability and durability. This has been achieved by optimizing the inside of the splice core tubes to substantially reduce the chance of filament jamming inside the splice core. In addition, we’ve upgraded the cooling capabilities by incorporating an additional fan in order to cool filament as it exits the splice, increasing splicing efficiency, making Palette 3 10% faster than Palette 2S!

Integrated Canvas Hub
Palette 3 is equipped with a built-in Canvas Hub to create a simple and seamless printing process.

Palette 3’s integrated Canvas Hub means you no longer need to purchase or set up an additional piece of hardware in order to connect all your devices. The built-in hub allows you to enjoy a much faster and easier printing experience all within one device. You will now be able to access prints through Palette’s touch screen directly and start your print within seconds. It is powerful enough to run connected Palette prints all while remotely monitoring from Canvas, even when you’re not on the same network.

Redesigned Limit Switches
Newly designed and upgraded limit switches tested to last and overcome wear and tear.

P3 is upgraded to include custom designed switches with updated materials and mechanisms made out of hardened steel in order to improve its lifespan. The design is compact, allowing for more room to incorporate improved filament monitoring and tracking throughout the device. The multi-purpose design is perfect for run-out detection because it can trigger in either direction and withstand friction from filament movement.

Larger, Higher Resolution Touch Screen Front Interface
New Features on a bigger, higher resolution screen enables an easy to use and efficient printing process. Updated screen features allow for more customizations and commands on the Palette screen itself. Start and stop your prints, and add gradients or special commands straight from the Palette 3 screen.

Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro are compatible with many 3D printers, materials and slicer software on the market today. Follow the links below to find out if Palette 3/3 Pro is compatible with your set up!

Slicer Software
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